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Nickel City Trivia

Learn Something New

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Did you know that sloths can hold their breath underwater for forty minutes or that Swedish meatballs are actually a Turkish recipe? 

At Nickel City Trivia, we're all about learning something new while you enjoy trivia with your friends, family and/or colleagues. Each hour and a half quiz is jam packed with fun facts, clever puzzles and trivia questions that will connect with every member of your team. I write all my quizzes so that anyone can play with a variety of absolutely random questions. Each quiz features the following rounds: 

  • Multiple choice

  • Music Round

  • Quickies

  • General Trivia

  • Theme Round

  • Quasi Connected Quintet

  • Picture Round

  • Wildcard and Rush

Not sure what these rounds are? Come give one of my quizzes a try and you'll fall in love with this fun format of trivia. 

I offer weekly trivia both in-person and online, as well as private events. To learn more, check out Weekly Trivia or Private Events.

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Visit @NickelCityTrivia for updates, weekly hints, reviews and the occasional dog picture.

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